Friday, October 7, 2011

The Sticker - part one

It had been a long day at the office. It had also been a little strange. She stood before the restroom’s mirror and tried to figure out what was different today.

Her hair was tolerable. Her makeup... well, she didn’t wear much makeup, she tried to work the natural look... but what little there was was looking good.  Her silk blouse was as classy as she could afford. She had the top three buttons open and her decolletage was presented in a delightfully sexy manner.  

After all these years and one child she figured she would have progressed beyond a B-cup, but nature had seen fit to keep her endowment modest. She sighed and turned to check the profile. She ached her back and thrust what little she had out proudly.  She smiled to herself.  She caught the barest hint of the ring in her left nipple.  Sexy Mama, yeah!  

It had taken her years to get over her fear of needles enough to finally summon up the courage to get it pierced. It made her feel so very sexy when she thought about it drawing attention and stimulation to her breast.

She straightened out her black, mid thigh skirt.  She could still spot stray cat hair she hadn't been able to eradicate before she left the apartment.  She loved Amy, but trying to keep the cat hair from taking over was a near impossibility.

And, of course, being Friday, she was pantyless!  She’d started the tradition in college, more out of practically than anything else. Sometimes she just ran out of clean undies by the end of the week and she detested wearing dirty panties!  But, damn, she found it made her feel very sexy sitting in class or talking to her instructors or chatting up some cute thing in the quad knowing she was quite bare down there!

Still, there was something different about today.  She pursed her lips and thought about the odd looks she’d been getting all day.  Most of the people she worked with were civilized and kept their public attention from being blatantly sexual. However, today she was getting the odd feeling that every time she walked away from anyone that they were checking her out more closely than usual.  It wasn't really a problem.  In fact it made her feel very sexy and desirable today. Always a good thing on Friday or, hell, any day, for that matter!

She brushed out the real and imaginary wrinkles from her clothes, checked her teeth, and then, shaking her head to fluff her hair a bit, she headed back out to her desk to grab her keys and head to the car.

Gwen, her supervisor, smiled at her as she glanced her way. Once again Summer had the feeling Gwen was seriously checking her out.  She liked Gwen and all, but she had a firm rule, never fuck with people at work.  If it went sour, work always got strained. Better to flirt and enjoy being appreciated than have to get a new job.  

She finally settled into her car and relaxed for a moment. She closed her eyes and wondered who she was going to meet tonight.  Who, to be more precise, was going to be her lover of the moment!

She was putting a lot of time working on her career and the stuff she was writing.  She didn’t have time for some needy, obsessive relationship right now. But, as she was a very healthy and hormone driven woman, she needed to find her big O as often as she could! She laughed at the thought.  Her mother had encouraged her sexual explorations in her teens.  

It had shocked her at the time, but finding the smallish dildo in her bedside table, courtesy of her mom, had opened such enjoyable doors!  She had always been careful. She had stayed a virgin till her junior year yet lovers had never complained!

She was obsessively oral.  She loved the taste of male precum on the tip of her tongue, sweet, sticky and clear.  And she lusted after the tang of a freshly rinsed woman as she flicked a clit under it’s hood.

She wasn’t exactly straight and she wasn’t exactly gay. She didn’t consider herself bi either. As a matter of fact, she so disliked the labels. others tried to force upon her.  Lesbians were convinced she was lesbian and her boy friends were convinced she was either straight or, better yet in their opinion, bi.

She eschewed all labels.  It was nice, she thought, to be so sure of one’s sexuality that it could be labeled and categorized, but she honestly had no preference and she resented those who tried to pigeonhole her. She felt like they were trying to deny her own feelings and desires for their own, small minded preferences.

She was the new generation. Gay, straight, etc. were all so damn old school. A product of an age when people had fought for their sexual choices, but, ultimately, they were as close minded as the generations before that had fought against sexual choice.

No, she was simply Sexual!  All sex, when approached with an open mind and with a certain amount of caution, was all good.

And tonight she was going to get god damned, fucking, SEXUAL!!!!!   She laughed out loud as she roared down the freeway, Lady Gaga blaring from the car’s over taxed speakers!

She pulled through a Starbuck’s drive thru and picked up something to give a quick caffeine fix. Then she stopped for a little private time shared with a plate of chicken enchiladas mole at Teo’s.  Even Senor Teo was checking her out! She could swear the cute old tio was staring at her ass when he followed her to her favorite table.

She liked to get a good seat where she could check out everyone who came in. The best spot gave her a vantage point where she could keep an eye on the lobby, the bar and the hallway to the bathroom.

She sipped her margarita and wolfed down the enchiladas. As usual, she didn’t touch the beans or rice.  A girl had to watch her figure, of course!  She also started getting wet watching a couple making eyes at each other over a plate of steaming hot fajita nachos.  And they were making more than eyes!  Their hands kept straying under the table!  God, I wish I was sitting between them!, she thought to herself.  They were both so damn cute!

She watched as the took turns feeding each other. He fed her a red tortilla chip with fajita and onions and he laughed as the juices wet his fingers. The girls looked into her date’s eyes, leaned over a bit and licked the juice off, then gently grasping his hand, slowly sucked on his finger.  

Now she was really getting turned  on and so fucking wet!  God, was she going to enjoy getting off tonight!

She finished up what she was going to eat, drained her second margarita and headed to the restroom to clean up.  She was just finishing when the girl she had been watching came in.  Summer lingered awhile fussing with her hair.  The girl came out from the stall and washed her hands beside her.  They furtively glanced at each other, smiling at the non verbal flirtation.  The girl stepped behind her and dried her hands. Just as Summer was getting ready to turn and leave she felt a a gentle touch on her ass. She froze, but broadly grinned as she closed her eyes, enjoying the moment.

The girl’s hand came up... a Dora the Explorer sticker on the tip of her finger!  

“Sorry,” she said. “This was stuck back there, I hope you don’t mind.”  The girl smiled and looked at me with a coy smile that simply TURNED ME ON!

I glanced at it and then back at her and I started to laugh!  

“So that’s what got every one's attention at work today!”

I couldn't decide if I was angry or amused with my coworkers...  the sleazeballs! All day long that damn thing had been stuck to my butt and nobody said a god damned thing, but they sure had enjoyed the view!

“Thank you.”  I took the sticker from her out strecthed finger and stuck it on the inside of my purse.  Maybe I cold stick it on Gwen’s ass on Monday and extract a bit of revenge.  She smiled at the thought.

The girl turned to leave, paused, then turned back.

“I couldn’t help you noticing how you watched us during dinner. I hope I am not being too direct, but you are very cute and it turned me on knowing you you were so focused on us.  My guy was turned on, too. He’s been hard all through dinner . I have to thank you for that.” She looked me in the eyes with a deep searching look as if she was trying to divine my nature and what I was comfortable with.

I decided, what the hell, what did I have to lose!

“Yes, I got very wet watching you guys.”

Her eyes crinkled as she smiled at me.

“Look, we are headed back to my place and I was wondering if you'd like to join us for a drink, maybe a movie, maybe...”  She trailed off, never taking her eyes off mine.

“Yes,” I said, hoping I didn’t sound too eager.  But, god damn, was I eager!

She cocked her head and looked at me as if trying to decide I was serious.

I leaned closer to her and gently brushed her cheek with my lips and whispered in her ear, “I’d love to.”

I pulled back, my hand on her shoulder now. We searched each other’s eyes for a moment, then kissed.  Gently at first, tasting each others lips, our tongues playing lightly across them. Her lips parted and I pushed my tongue in that sweet mouth.  She welcomed it, playing with it. Then she reached up and grasped the back of my head and shifted from gentle to hard as she sucked my tongue deep into her mouth!

I was in fucking lust with this girl!

We pulled apart. We both looked down sorta sheepishly, with naughty smiles on our lips.

I took her hand in mine and said, “Let’s go. He’s going to wonder where you’ve been.”

She giggled and replied, “Oh, he knows. I waited till you came in here and followed you in.”

We looked at each other for a moment and I realized this was the start of a beautiful friendship.

End, part one.

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  1. Very hot Felicity - I am honored that you found my sticker story inspiring.

    Now I'm wishing you had been there to remove it for me. ;-)