Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Sticker - part 2 (in progress)

We made our way back into the restaurant proper. We continued to hold hands as we made our way through the crowd. I spotted the young man the woman was with. Damn, he's cute, she thought to herself! He was clean cut with short brown hair that looked like it had traces of red in it. He looked up at me through conservative looking metal framed glasses with blue eyes that seemed so fresh and clear. He was a trifle on the skinny side. It looked like he had a small bit of belly, but when he stood up to greet me it vanished completely.

I glanced at my new found friend and realized they were both about 6 feet tall. I don't suppose it made any difference, but I felt a little short in their presence. I had been considered tall at school, at 5'7", but I was almost half a foot shorter than these two! But what really made the pair cute was that they both had freckles! Now, I really don't care what the color of my lovers are, but red hair and freckles really sets off my fantasy machine!

She had long light red hair that hung to the middle of her back. For some reason her eyebrows were a little redder. Her skin was so pale you can see the outlines of the veins running beneath it and covering every exposed area were light brown freckles! She was wearing a one-piece little black dress that gave the appearance of silk. It was very low-cut and appeared to be held up only by the thinnest of spaghetti straps. It was everything I could do not to stare! I swear I could see just a hint of dark aureoles where the top of the dress covered her breasts. My God, this couple was making me wet just thinking about their bodies! Lord only knows how horny I was going to be once I made it back to their place!

I took a deep breath and held it for a moment. Must. Regain. Control. Hell, yes, I was eager! I wanted to take both of them right now in the restaurant! But I want to come off as too slutty! Time enough for that later, I thought to myself.

The girl turned to her man. "This is David." She hesitated as she realized we hadn't exchanged names.

I put out my hand. "I'm Elizabeth, but I friends call me Lizzie."

The tall redheaded turned to me, smiling. "My name is Rachel, but you can call me Rach," she said brightly as she flushed a bit in embarrassment.

"Rach," I said, "let me take care of my check and I'll be back in a moment." As I turned to go, I glanced at Rach and caught her checking me out again. She had an I want to fuck you right now look in her eyes and, damn, if I didn't feel the same way!

After I returned, I sat between them. We talked about our jobs and where we went to school and how we missed the sexual freedom of college. After a few minutes both of them had a hand on my thighs. Both of them were stroking me lightly. I was ready to get out of there, Now!

We left and I followed them back to their place, or, rather, her place. It was on the fifth floor of a five-story complex and it overlooked a wide bayou across the boulevard. The parklike setting was covered in oak and pine. God, it was beautiful! They had a nice balcony, too. It had a low, wide couch that looks like it could handle three people easily! I quickly settled into it, deciding for them where the action was going to take place.

David offered to get drinks and we all decided on very dirty martinis. He headed to the bar and Rachel leaned on the balcony and looked out at the skyline.

"I see you like the view, too," she said. "The place was a little expensive but the view sold it."

She turned to look at me with those beautiful green eyes and I melted inside. She saw right through me as a big grin crossed her face. She stepped over to me and sat beside me taking my hand in hers.

"I hope we're not making you uncomfortable."

"No, not at all." I looked at her for a moment, trying to decide how bold to be. Then I decided, what the fuck, these look like cool people.

"As a matter of fact I'm very comfortable," I said quietly as I looked deep into her eyes.

I took the hand in mine and raised it to my lips, never taking my eyes off hers. I gently kiss the back of her hand then flipped it over and kissed its palm. I ran my lips across her fingers till I came to her fingertips and then I kissed ever so gently. I drew her middle finger and her index finger betwixt my lips lovingly sucked upon them. My tongue explored her fingertips and the smoothness of her fingernails. I sucked them further into my mouth, closing my eyes as I wallowed in the bliss of the moment. A moan escaped her lips and I opened my eyes to see that she had closed hers and her head had fallen back against the couch.

While I had been sucking on her fingers, her hand had managed to unbutton more of my blouse. She had slipped in and was gently cupping my small, but sensitive breast. Her hand paused as it discovered the ring in my left nipple. A gentle sigh escaped from her lips as her eyes opened and she looked into mine once more. She gently fingered the ring, as if wondering what to do with her newfound toy.

I looked her firmly in the eye and said, "you can be gentle, but the one with the ring likes it a bit rougher!"

She let out a gentle laugh and then, without warning, twisted the ring a bit.

Pain coursed through my nipple! Loving pain! Sexual pain! The pain of the gods!

I went limp in her arms.

She gathered me up in her arms and held me to her as she took me. This tall redheaded goddess lowered her face to mine and very firmly kissed me! I felt like a little girl again, waiting to be used by my lover!

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