Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Party

I stood against the wall, silently watching the partygoers mingle and mix with one another. The men were all handsome, each in their own way. It was a fine collection. I ached to take one of them aside and impale myself upon him. It'd been a long week and I was tired of going home to an empty bed. I needed somebody to share it with, to share my body with, someone to use and to be used by.

The women were equally beautiful, again, each in their own way. My body ached and moistened at the thought of taking one of them, dipping my head between their thighs and lapping the tangy sweet liquid from their sweet nether lips. I was beside myself with passion and if I wasn't careful I was going to throw myself at the first person who came close to making a pass at me! I love sex, but I try not to present myself as being too promiscuous. A girl has to be careful, you know.

It was getting late and most of the people who hadn't come as couples had already paired up, or, in some cases, created delightful triangles and quadrangles waiting to happen in the aftermath of the party. I had all but given up hope. Even my roommate had found a delightful young woman who was attempting to tickle her fancy in the corner of the room. There were even a couple of couples gathered around them watching, reveling in the tableau of passion before them. And that's when she walked in the door.

At first I thought she was too young to be there. She didn't look like she could be more than 16. Yet she carried herself with some authority that belied her young looks. She was about 5 foot five and looked like she couldn't weigh more than about 120 pounds. She had straight, dark hair that came down about 3 inches on her back. The bangs on her forehead completed the underage look. She wore a black silk tank, with thin black spaghetti straps. She couldn't have been much more than A cup, but firm, preternaturally large nipples pushed the blouse away from her chest and gave her a dangerous look! A short black miniskirt with a wide leather belt, black hose, and midcalf black boots with 3 inch heels completed the look. I found myself staring at her as she glanced my way and smiled at me. I glanced down at my drink and decided it was time to head to the bar.

No sooner than I'd asked the bartender for another Coke with a twist of lime, this heaven on black heels appeared beside me and ordered the same. I glanced over at her and smiled, then let my eyes wander down to her top. From my angle I could see her rich, dark brown aureoles under that delightful top. Once again I found myself staring at those nipples and had to force myself to look up into her eyes and smile. She evidently caught my glance and suspected the reason for my distraction for she looked into my eyes with the laughing twinkle that melted any resistance I may have felt!

I was at a complete loss for words. Fortunately, she seemed to sense that. We moved back over to the wall that I had claimed earlier in the party and made small talk. It turned out she was all of 23, but she often took advantage of the fact she looked much younger to enjoy the delights of some of the students at the University in her neighborhood. She was always being invited to parties and she rarely went home alone, if that was her desire. She admitted that she was very selective. She didn't just jump into bed with anyone that came along. She admitted that she had been quite lonely for some time. She never wanted for sex, but she so wanted someone to share her life with. Someone to share the joy and pain of everyday existence with. Someone to share her bed and her heart with.

I found myself breathing very heavily. I felt like an opportunity was being presented to me, an opportunity that does not come but once or twice in a person's life. I spoke to her of my life. I told her of my job, which I enjoyed. I told her of what little family I had, the one I had left behind when I had left West Virginia. I told her of my apartment and how lonely it was to come back to and how I longed to find someone to share my life with. We chatted for almost an hour before she asked if I knew the way to the restroom. I nodded to a door behind and to the side of the bar. She asked me to come with her to continue our conversation as we girls often do.

I led her to the back of the room and found the bathroom unoccupied. She used a small toilet at one end while I washed my hands and touched up my makeup. I glanced over and realized she had taken off her black panties and was stuffing them in her small clutch. My pulse quickened and I turned my attention to my lips making sure my lipstick looked perfect… not for myself, but for her!

She stood, smoothed her skirt and stepped over to the mirror beside me. She glanced at me and smiled, then turned to touch up her makeup as well. Truthfully, though, she did not have much to touch up for she wore so very little! Then she turned and asked to borrow my lipstick. My heart skipped a beat and I blushed as I handed her my lipstick. She applied it with a passionate delicacy that was so sensual my legs became shaky at the thought of what it would be like to share my body with her. She turned back and handed me the lipstick. I reached to take it from her hand and as our fingers touched, it was like electricity coursing between us! We paused and looked in each other's eyes.

"You are so beautiful," I whispered to her.

"No," she replied, "not really. When I look at myself in the mirror I see what looks like a boy looking back at me… except I have no penis between my legs!" She smiled gave me a self-deprecating look.

"Never say that." I felt like scolding her. "You have a beauty few women achieve and your look is so natural!"

She blushed and looked away. I reached up and took her chin in my hand and then, not wanting to lose the moment, I leaned in and kissed her. Tentatively, at first, but a kiss that lingered and lengthened till all of reality seemed to be focused upon the contact of our lips. Her hand reached up and grasp the back of my head and pulled my lips hard upon hers. I was rapidly losing control and, apparently, so when she.

After a few minutes, we parted and gazed into each other's eyes. At this moment I knew my was going to be changing, at this singular point in time I knew that this woman was always going to be an integral part of my life.

My right hand rose to her shoulder and gently pushed the black spaghetti strap of her top off to the side. Her top, now partially unsupported dropped. It had barely covered her aureoles before and now it exposed her delightfully flat chest and the left nipple that had to have been as large as the tip of my index finger. I dipped my head down and took that delightful brown nubbin in my mouth and began suckling it.

My God, she even tasted perfect! As I worked it between my lips and licked it with my tongue, she took my head in her hands and pressed my face to her bosom. I accidentally got a little rough, nipping her with my teeth, and she moaned with a passion that told me I could let loose my inhibitions and treat them as roughly as I enjoyed mine being treated. I suckled and chewed upon her nipple and while I did so I reached out to grasp or other nipple through her top to gently caress it. In the next few minutes I got quite rough with her, pinching and twisting that other nipple till she cried out.

I reached down with my right hand and pushed my hand up under her skirt and began to rub her clit in tiny, but firm circles. My fingers dipped down to that well of her passion and discovered it wet with arousal. I showed one, then two fingers up inside of her and began thrusting deep into her. She pushed her body onto my hand as if trying to devour it. It felt so delightfully tight and yet it felt like it could accommodate more! I pushed the third and fourth finger into her and her body fell against mine, supported only by the wall behind her and my body holding her up.

She whispered in my ear in a voice that sounded as if she were but 12 years old, begging for relief, "more."

I pulled my fingers and thumb together as if creating a sword with my hand and began to work it up into her. Her breathing began to get very short and heavy. Slowly I worked my hand in until she was impaled upon it up to my wrist. This was all new to me. I'd always wanted this done to me and now here I was doing it to a stranger in the bathroom at a party with at least 35 people outside the door!

As hard as I shoved my hand up into her, she shoved her body just as hard on my hand. Her hands were twisting and entangled in my hair, pressing my face against her breast. I chewed on her nipple with an abandon that frightened me. I was afraid that I might draw blood if I kept this up, but her nipples seemed quite resilient and used to the abuse!

We continued this for what seemed like hours, but could not have been more than a few minutes, until she came in quiet shuttering moans. Her body, already limp against me, clung to me as if I were the only thing keeping her from sliding to the floor.

She looked into my eyes and kissed me… her tongue probing my mouth and wrestling with my tongue.

Then she pulled back, separating herself from me. I felt as if something very precious had just been taken from me. I wanted her body against me again.

She smiled at me. "It's time to make ourselves presentable and let someone else use the bathroom," she whispered in my ear.

Unfortunately, I had to agree. We touched up our lipstick and straighten her hair. The smell of sex was heavy in the air and I knew when we left anyone who came close to us would know what we had been up to! I felt so delightfully wicked and, from her expression, so did she!

We left the bathroom to more than a few stares and smiles from some of the other partygoers. The hostess came over and, with a smile, thanked us for coming. We in turn thanked her for the invitation and expressed our pleasure having had the opportunity to meet each other.

The hostess smiled and winked at us. "Well, it seems obvious to you enjoyed yourselves tonight and each of you seems to have found a new friend in your lives! Now go, get some rest and share more of each other!"

And with that, we headed out of the party into a new world of passion and love for one another.

That was five years ago. Much has passed. Much joy has come between us. True, it has not been entirely idyllic, but the passion with which we make up for our indiscretions more than compensates for our minor disagreements.

That one moment in time, that one chance meeting at a party has led to this moment in time.

Our marriage. Our shared joy and our commitment to each other. Our friends gathered about us. Their hope and good wishes for us pushing us to be the kind of people we expect each other to be.

And, yet, at the root of it all, when all is said and done, behind the white dresses and our matching wedding veils, all we can think about is getting to the bathroom in the back of the church and replaying our first meeting again, as we have done so often since that first time.

Goodbye for now.

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